Dons Bogam is open for indoor & outdoor dining!

Our team has built an outdoor area for dining in front of our restaurant. We’re excited to open our business to serve food & drinks our guests. Here’s a preview of all the hard work we’ve done to offer outdoor dining to our guests. This is the first time in history that we’re doing this because of NYC’s situation to follow guidelines to keep our guests safe. Each day we will work to update and improve our dining experience. We’ll be getting creative to add more plants and other features as more people come out to support. We look forward to serving you again!

You can book a table for our outdoor dining experience on OpenTable
or give us a call to book a seat by phone at (212) 683-2200

Hours of Operation
11:30 AM to 11:00 PM
(The last call is (9:30 PM)

Delivery & Take-out is Available!

Available from 11:30 am – 9:15 pm.
Use any of the apps below to order or call us at (212) 683-2200.

Finest Quality

Korean BBQ & Wines

New York, NY



Korean Culinary Master

Born in Korea on January 15, 1957, Chef Woo Kim realized his passion for cooking early on in his twenties and has been cooking since then. In order to become the chef that he is today, Chef Kim began his cooking career by working at different restaurants, from Korean, Japanese, Chinese and Western cuisine in order to expose himself to different cuisines of the world. Even while running his own restaurant with his wife in Seoul, Chef Kim knew early on that he wanted to expose Korean cuisine to the world. This prompted his move to the United States in 2000 where he did indeed spread Korean cuisine through his catering business to numerous states such as New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Ohio to name a few.


Korean Food for Everyone

Taste of Korea in New York City

He was hired by owner K.R. Choi as head chef of Dons Bogam in 2006. He has been developing Korean cuisine more appropriate to the American taste since then. His specialty is in Korean BBQ such as his well-renowned Galbi (marinated short ribs), and Bulgogi (thinly-sliced beef with glass noodles and vegetables all married together in his special sauce). Another specialty of his is the Bibimbap (steamed rice topped with a variety of seasoned vegetables, accompanied with Korean chilly paste). In addition, he also serves up a wide variety of stir-fried dishes with meat, seafood, vegetables, and spices to satisfy every individual’s cravings. Every dish is like finding a hidden gem in the heart of New York.