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Should you find yourself schvitzing in Koreatown, pop into Dons Bogam BBQ for a bowl of icy-cold naengmyeon. Slicks of fat on the surface of the bracing, chilled beef broth make a tangle of chewy arrowroot noodles glisten. The nearly black noodles are topped with Asian pear and a hardboiled egg that adds further chew to the dish. There’s even more Brooklyn flavor in the demeanor of the folks running the counter at No. 7 Sub inside the Plaza Food Hall, which lends cred to what is essentially a food court for the rich. In keeping with the menu of wacky sandwich combinations (short ribs and grape jelly), the kiosk features a chilled pea soup packed with roasted onions, ham, and pickled blueberries. The astringent fruit pops with a pleasant sourness.

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“Modern and traditional merge with stylish effect at this Korean restaurant and wine bar.”

Dons Bogam Restaurant Review: Somewhat set off from Korean restaurant-lined 32nd Street between 5th and 6th Avenues, Dons Bogam distinguishes itself with a sleek look that merges modern and traditional decorative elements, and a dining room design that recalls Chinese and Japanese influences with black, white and dark stained wood and platform seating. The menu includes traditional stews and casseroles like the doenjang jjigae, tofu and assorted vegetables in a soybean paste stew, and dolsot bibimbap, rice cooked in a stone pot with meat and mountain grown vegetables. Specialties range from pan-fried pork, brisket and octopus meant to be shared to a fiery, spicy pollack. Diners can fire up the grill as well with an array of Korean barbecue classics such as kalbi and bulgogi as well as an inventive pork belly marinated in Cabernet Sauvignon. Speaking of wine, the extensive wine list offers South American, African, Australian and old- and new-world varietals.

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This 24-hour Murray Hill Korean’s staples such as bibimbop and “cook-it-yourself” BBQ are “delicious” but hardly novel; it really stands out from the competition due to its “sophisticated” interior – a “chic, modern” bar and lounge and elevated dining room – as well as its beverage options, including 100 global wines (primarily from California and South America) and 50 sakes.

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Summer is fading away, but you can fire up the grill anytime—24 hours a day, year-round—at Dons Bogam BBQ & Wine Bar. Walk past the sleek lounge and you’ll hit a dining room, where tables are outfitted with barbecue burners.

Servers will help you navigate the menu and show you how to cook at the table. The signature dish, cabernet three-layer pork, is a must-try—the meat has been marinated for 24 hours in wine—but plenty of other Korean chicken, beef and seafood options are available too, each paired with dipping sauces and side dishes. Don’s also offers a substantial wine list, in addition to sake.

Michelin Guide Recommended 2016

At Dons Bogam, The food is fantastic and service indulgent. So, reserve ahead as every seat is filled – from the festive bar up front right down to those fun two-tops sporting blazing grills. Make no mistake – This is no average K-town joint. Inside, A top-notch venting system lets diners enjoy a smoke-free evening of exceptional grilled meats. Start with deep-fried pork mandoo, Which are crisp, On-point, and extra divine. Wonderfully flaky buchu gochu pajeon is studded with chives for perfect flavor; While pork belly marinated in red wine is smoky and supremely tender.

For the ultimate payoff, Opt for the memorable beef platter featuring thinly sliced macun and yangneuym galbi set beside king trumpet mushrooms – meaty and mouthwatering in their own right.

About Dons Bogam

Dons Bogam blends the exquisite tastes of authentic Korean cuisine with a modern and intimately chic atmosphere that’s both fun and stylish.

Floor level seating, tabletop grills and a menu full of Korean staples are just a few of the accommodations that make Dons Bogam a truly unique encounter. The sleek bar invites relaxation as well as offering a dynamic selection of wines and sakes. The open kitchen, where you can see our Master Chef Woo Kim at work, and the table-side grilling allows you to see exactly what you are eating and how it is prepared. With us, there are no secrets.

Our menu offers an extensive selection of Korean meats as well as chicken and seafood for grilling. Each barbecue is served with dipping sauces that will truly enhance the flavor of the meat. Time Out New York raves, “The signature dish, cabernet three-layer pork, is a must-try.” In addition to the tableside barbecue, Chef Kim serves up a range of savory traditional Korean dishes including his Japchae- clear glass noodles stir fried with a choice of seafood or vegetables, as well as our guests’ favorite Haemul Pajeon- crisp seafood and scallion pancake. Not only that, at Dons Bogam all of our dishes are served with an array of delicious Korean side dishes that will surely entice your eyes as well as your taste buds. Our lively and attentive staff is just a smile away to offer guidance with your meal and ensure that your experience is nothing but the best. Whether as part of a group or with a date, you’ll surely enjoy your evening out at this Koreatown hotspot.

Meet Our Chef at Dons

Born in Korea on January 15, 1957, Chef Woo Kim realized his passion for cooking early on in his twenties and has been cooking since then. In order to become the chef that he is today, Chef Kim began his cooking career by working at different restaurants, from Korean, Japanese, Chinese and Western cuisine in order to expose himself to different cuisines of the world. Even while running his own restaurant with his wife in Seoul, Chef Kim knew early on that he wanted to expose Korean cuisine to the world. This prompted his move to the United States in 2000 where he did indeed spread Korean cuisine through his catering business to numerous states such as New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Ohio to name a few.

He was hired by owner K.R. Choi as head chef of Don’s Bogam in 2006. He has been developing Korean cuisine more appropriate to the American taste since then. His specialty is in Korean BBQ such as his well-renowned Galbi (marinated short ribs), and Bulgogi (thinly-sliced beef with glass noodles and vegetables all married together in his special sauce). Another specialty of his is the Bibimbap (steamed rice topped with a variety of seasoned vegetables, accompanied with Korean chilly paste). In addition, he also serves up a wide variety of stir-fried dishes with meat, seafood, vegetables and spices to satisfy every individual’s cravings. Every dish is like finding a hidden gem in the heart of New York.